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Our Beginnings

The story of Simpson's Meats began on Simpson's Farm in Athens, Tennessee in 1888. There an old sign hangs hand-lettered "Simpson's Since 1888". Five generations later, that old sign means exactly the same thing it did when the signposts were first hammered into the ground: pride in the family business, integrity, and true work ethics which are best learned on a family farm.

A History of Quality

Quality isn’t just a buzzword for us, it’s steeped in our history. John Simpson originally began milking dairy cows in 1888 and was proud to offer the greater McMinn County’s first “Grade-A” milk. This history of quality has pushed us to strive to provide our customers across the nation with the best quality meat we can find.

On Pasture On Purpose

By raising and sourcing our meat from farms that are on pasture on purpose, we are able to comfortably continue the tradition that began in 1888 with John Simpson.