In 1888, a hand-lettered sign was hammered into the ground in Athens, Tennessee reading "Simpson's Since 1888", marking the beginning of a family cattle farm where cattle have been the focus ever since.

Our steak company works to preserve Southern agriculture while offering quality meats shipped directly to home kitchen or restaurant.

We are excited for you to try our beef and look forward to hearing from you!

The Story Behind Simpson's

All Natural, Home Raised, Angus Cattle

Why Simpson's Meats? A closed loop, beef production company offering 100% transparency and traceability

Start : Small Family Farms

Simpson's is a continuation of Simpson Farms in Athens, Tennessee, a family farm since 1888.  Over the years, our beef brand has grown to working with several family farms throughout  Tennessee's countryside who are eager to produce the best cattle through proven genetics.

Harvest : Single Processing Plant

We harvest all of the cattle (and hogs) from our Tennessee family farms in our single, company-owned processing facility in West Tennessee.  This is a critical step in our beef production as we can ensure that our cattle are never stressed and always treated with the same respect that they were given since their birth on our farms.  Our plant is USDA-inspected as well as additionally audited by third-parties for food safety and humane-handling best practices.

Butcher : Expert Butchers with Decades of Experience

All of our steaks are cut in-house by artisan butchers who have been cutting meat for decades.  Cutting our steaks in-house allows for quality control and customization opportunities for our customers.

Aging : Tennessee's Beef Dry Ager

Owning our own processing facility, we oversee the dry aging of all of our beef carcasses "on the rail" for a minimum 10-14 days but Simpson's takes it a few steps further than that.. Our dry aging program is a true dry aged cooler loaded down with premium beef to age for 30+ days.  Beef connoisseur?  This is for you.

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Shipping : Steak Boxes Delivered to Your House or Restaurant

Offering free, home deliveries to the greater Knoxville and Nashville areas currently, we ship our steak boxes to kitchens all over the South.

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Finish : Juicy, Tender Steaks

Entertain guests at home or send steak boxes to clients, prospects, or employees knowing that you have just actively participated in supporting a true, closed loop beef production program in Tennessee which directly supports Southern agriculture!

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