There's Pow'r In The Blood

There's Pow'r In The Blood

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There's Pow'r In The Blood

To ensure our continued legacy of quality cattle production, we go to the nation's best Angus genetic sources to implement their top genetics into our herds.  By using breed-leading genetics from Gardiner Angus Ranch (Ashland, Kansas) and 44 Farms (Cameron, Texas), we are able to grass-raise beef that our customers consistently feel is unmatched.  With over 1,000 5-star reviews online, we believe in the power of our Angus genetics to provide your family with beef that is more marbled to improve tenderness, juiciness, flavor and an overall eating experience. 

 We want to be your family's trusted source for your family's half cow purchase.  If you are looking to buy a half cow, buy a whole cow, or are curious where to find a half cow for sale, our team at Simpson's Meats is here to simplify the process and help you order beef online easier than ever before.

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