Freezer Stocker Bundle

Freezer Stocker Bundle

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For the serious homesteader!  Whether you are hunkering down for a long winter or just looking to save time on grocery store trips, Simpson's Freezer Stocker Package is sure to keep your family fed for a while.

This package includes the below items:

- 24 lbs. ground beef

- 4 ea chuck roasts (2-3 lbs. per roast)

- 4 ea packs sirloin steaks (2 ea 8 oz. steaks per pack)

- 4 ea 10 oz. new york strip steaks

- 4 ea packages of stew meat (2 lbs. per package)

- 4 ea packages of beef hot dogs 

- 4 ea packages pork breakfast sausage links

- 4 ea packages pork jalapeno cheddar sausage links

- 4 ea packages pork italian sausage links

- 4 ea packages pork andouille sausage links

- 4 ea packages smoked bratwursts

- 4 ea packages of Benton's bacon (1 lb. packages)


All of these products are made with naturally raised beef and pork.  All items are cryovac sealed and perfect for keeping long term in your home freezer.


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