Whole Hog Bundle
Whole Hog Bundle
Whole Hog Bundle
Whole Hog Bundle
Whole Hog Bundle
Whole Hog Bundle

Whole Hog Bundle

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By popular demand, Simpson's is excited to offer you our Whole Hog Bundle!  Although not a single animal, we feel that this is a great representation of what a whole hog would look like after broken down into parts and with all of the legwork of making sausages, bacon, and hams done for you! 

*The Whole Hog Bundle Includes the Products

1 lb. chili pepper guanciale

4 ea rib chop packs (2 chops per pack)

1 ea 7-bone in pork rib roast

8 ea t-bone pork chop packs (2 chops per pack)

2 ea slabs of spare ribs

2 ea pork butts

2 ea tasso hams (1 lb. average per tasso ham)

6 ea packs of Broadbent country ham dinner steaks (10 oz per pack)

2 ea packs of Broadbent hickory-smoked bacon (14 oz. pack)

2 ea packs of Broadbent pepper bacon (14 oz. pack)

4 ea packs of andouille sausage links (2 links per pack)

4 ea 2# packs of Italian sausage

3 ea packs of smoked bratwurst links (3 links per pack)

3 ea packs of jalapeno cheddar links (3 links per pack)

4 ea breakfast sausage link packs (12 links per pack)

40 lbs. of ground pork in 2 lb. packages

Approximately 120# of all-natural hog meat!


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