2 Steak, "Double Dry Aged" Ribeye Pack

2 Steak, "Double Dry Aged" Ribeye Pack

Simpson's Meats

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2 - 16 oz. dry aged, boneless, ribeye steaks

Utilizing our in-house harvesting facility, Simpson's is able to oversee the dry aging of our beef cattle "on the rail" for a minimum of 10-14 days.  This process mostly leverages gravity which is pulling down on the carcasses making the meat more tender.  This process also enhances the flavor profile of the meat.  In addition, Simpson's cuts "middle cuts" (ribeye and new york strip loins) to age in our dedicated, dry aging cooler.  This two-step dry aging process is unique to Simpson's Meats due to us having our own harvesting facility as well as having our own true, dry aging cooler.  These steaks are very tender but offer a mild aged beef flavor.  All of our double dry-aged steaks are sourced from Southern Natural Farm's Tennesee, All Natural Angus Beef cattle which are finished on a signature, grain ration.

Dry aging is a particular flavor for the true steak connoisseur.  Dry aging beef is an age-old process which concentrates flavor and tenderizes beef loins using humidity control, temperature, and air circulation to cause the meat to lose moisture.

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