Akaushi Wagyu Hatch Chile Cheese Sausage Links
Akaushi Wagyu Hatch Chile Cheese Sausage Links

Akaushi Wagyu Hatch Chile Cheese Sausage Links

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12 oz package, 100% Full-Blood Tennessee Akaushi (Red Wagyu) Hatch Chile Cheese Sausage Links

Flavor forward sausages made with fresh hatch chiles and buttery beef from Akaushi Wagyu cattle raised right here in our backyard in the rolling foothills of the Tennessee Smoky Mountains.  Akaushi Wagyu cattle, originally from Japan, are known for their superior marbling, flavor, as well as health benefits due to the high concentration of monounsaturated fatty acids (the good fatty acids) and conjugated linoleic acid which helps support our immune systems.

  • Beef Raised on Sixteen Peaks Cattle Company's Farm, Louisville, Tennessee
  • Never Ever Antibiotics, Added Hormones, or Feed Additives
  • Small Batch Grind
  • Pure, Clean Beef


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