Simpson's Meats has been servicing wholesale customers since 2012 through our in-house beef program.  We specialize in the craft of dry aging whole beef primals utilizing a single dedicated cooler in the foothills of the Tennessee Smoky Mountains. For our dry aging program, we source only the best of the best Angus beef that is available.  For our burger program, we grind whole animal, single cow blends to order from our locally and responsibly raised cattle which are farmed by us or purchased by us from partner growers throughout the Tennessee countryside. Most all of our beef (excluding some middle cuts for dry aging which we supplement with 44 Farms out of Cameron, TX) is farmed, butchered and delivered by the Simpson's team.  Our entire meat program is never-ever antibiotics or hormones and all of our animals are harvested in humane-handling approved facilities which are audited on an annual basis.

Choose to promote Southern cattle farmers and let Simpson's be your go-to source for steaks and burgers.  Portioned cuts are available, packed out to your specs.  We self-distribute to Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga.  If you are outside of those cities, we will ship our beef to you safely and reliably.  

Jacob Simpson