Grass-Fed Strip Loin Roast
Grass-Fed Strip Loin Roast
Grass-Fed Strip Loin Roast

Grass-Fed Strip Loin Roast

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Half Loin, Whole Loin, or Smoked options available; approximately 3-4 lbs. per Half Loin and 5-6 lbs. per Whole Loin 

Half Loin serves 4-6 and a Whole Loin serves 8-10.

This beautiful strip loin roast is cut from Angus cattle raised on pasture, on purpose.  Our grass-fed beef is not only a "never-ever" antibiotics, hormones, or feed additives beef but is also 100% grass-fed/grass-finished on the rolling hills of Tennessee.  Feed your family the purest beef roast on the market this holiday season!

Don't get caught without a roast for your family get-together!  This is a great option to have on the table that will impress small to large gatherings  Not just any cow will do for our beef program.  These strip loin roasts are hand-butchered and trimmed and tied with butcher twine.  Choose to have your strip loin roast come raw or pre-seasoned with our Appalachain Sea Salt & Pepper and cold smoked to perfection.


See Beef Temperature Guide Below:

Rare 120

Medium Rare 130

Medium 135

Medium Well 140

Well Done 150


Shipping Policy

We ship with gel packs and/or dry ice in thick-walled styrofoam coolers.  We deliver nationwide and guarantee the quality of our meats and shipping process.

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Not Just Any Cow Will Do

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