100% Full-Blood Akaushi Wagyu 1/2 Cow
100% Full-Blood Akaushi Wagyu 1/2 Cow
100% Full-Blood Akaushi Wagyu 1/2 Cow
100% Full-Blood Akaushi Wagyu 1/2 Cow

100% Full-Blood Akaushi Wagyu 1/2 Cow

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Approximately 215 lbs. of premium, all-natural, grain-finished, Akaushi beef per half cow


With easy shipping and delivery, this item is perfect for stocking your family’s chest freezer with delicious beef for months to come.

Delicious and buttery ground beef from Akaushi Wagyu cattle raised right here in our backyard in the rolling foothills of the Tennessee Smoky Mountains.  Akaushi Wagyu cattle, originally from Japan, are known for their superior marbling, flavor, as well as health benefits due to the high concentration of monounsaturated fatty acids (the good fatty acids) and conjugated linoleic acid which helps support our immune systems.   When you purchase this item, you are purchasing a load of fine wagyu beef that will require approximately 8-10 cubic ft. of freezer space.  Buy your family's half Tennessee Akaushi Wagyu cow from a family name that you can trust!   

  • No Antibiotics Ever
  • No Added Hormones Ever
  • No Animal Bi-Products In Feed



*Approximate Cuts Included per 1/2 cow

*Whole cows are the 1/2 cow items times two approximately

  • Ground Beef (125 lbs. in 1 lb. packages)
  • Filet Mignon - (4-5 ea 8 oz. steaks)
  • New York Strips (8-10 ea 10 oz. steaks)
  • Ribeye (9-11 ea 12 oz. steaks)
  • Flank Steak (1 lb.)
  • Skirt Steaks (4 lb.)
  • Stew Meat Packs (8 lbs.)
  • Flat Iron (1 lb.)
  • Tri-Tip (2 lbs.)
  • Sirloin Steaks (3 lbs.)
  • Coulotte (2 lbs.)
  • Round Roasts (25 lbs.)
  • Chuck Roasts (8 lbs.)
  • Brisket (10-12 lbs.)
  • Boneless Short Ribs (4-6 lbs.)
  • Soup Bones and Offals Available Upon Request

Shipping Policy

Simpson's 1/2 cows are shipped in thick-walled styrofoam coolers with frozen gel packs and/or dry ice depending on the season and transit temperatures.

The current lead time for a 1/2 cow is anywhere between 4-6 weeks. We will be in contact with you as we get closer to shipping your 1/2 cow to you so that you can be on the lookout for your beef to come in the mail!

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