Smoked Ham
Smoked Ham
Smoked Ham

Smoked Ham

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1 ea 2-4# average weight boneless, smoked ham

Our whole, boneless, smoked hams are sure to bring a smile to any family gathering.  Simpson's smoked hams are butchered from naturally raised, Duroc hogs from the Scudder family in Middle Tennessee who have been raising hogs for over 100 years on their small, family farm.  Brined for two weeks and then smoked over southern, pecan wood, these hams have a rich flavor of thyme and smoke.  Without the bone and already being fully cooked, Simpson's smoked hams are easily heated in the oven and sliced with minimal effort so that you can focus on entertaining your guests! 

Looking for a special holiday gift for employees or prospects?  These pecan wood smoked hams are perfect for your holiday shopping list.

  • Boneless, Whole Ham
  • Fully Cooked
  • Pecan Smoked
  • Brined
  • 2-4 LB AVERAGE
  • Serves 5-10

Ingredients: All Natural Pork, Garlic, Salt, Thyme, Spices, Sodium Nitrite, Bay Leaves

Fully Cooked Upon Arrival

Heating Instructions:

1. Let ham thaw in the refrigerator overnight.

2. Let ham come to room temperature on your kitchen counter. 

3. Cut plastic cryo and netting away from ham.

4. Wrap ham in parchment paper.

5. Wrap ham and parchment paper in tin foil.

6. Place onto a sheet pan.

7. Bake at 350 degrees F in your oven for at least 45 minutes.

8. Carve and enjoy!

To spice things up, smear your favorite jam or pepper jelly to the outside of your ham between steps 3 and 4. 


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