2 Steak, Dry Aged Cowboy Ribeye Pack

2 Steak, Dry Aged Cowboy Ribeye Pack

Simpson's Meats

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2 - 24 oz. USDA prime, bone-in steaks

40+ days dry age 

A solid choice for your next backyard bbq or date night at home, Simpson’s Dry Aged, Cowboy Ribeyes are USDA graded prime, bone-in, and hand cut to order.  Sourced from American raised black Angus cattle which are grass fed and grain finished, these steaks will truly deliver a steakhouse quality experience to your front door!

Dry aging is a particular flavor for the true steak connoisseur.  Each of Simpson's dry aged steaks are aged for a minimum of 40 days in our dedicated dry aging cooler in downtown Maryville, Tennessee within eye's sight of the Smoky Mountains.  Dry aging beef is an age-old process which concentrates flavor and tenderizes beef loins using humidity control, temperature, and air circulation to cause the meat to lose moisture.

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